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Multimedia Entertainment System
Carefree Relaxing Entertainment

             Entertainment System             
- Control Unit & ShowCase Software
- A/C Power Adaptor with On/Off Switch
- ImageEssence 128 GB USB Flash Drive
- Wireless Mini Keyboard/Mouse with Touchpad

This system connects to any HDTV with W/HDMI connector.
Easy setup - installation instructions included.
ShowCase Software - Menu functions manual.
System support by email or phone.
1 yr warranty on the system parts.


ImageEssence Multimedia Entertaiment System Ordering

Excuse us…At this time we are in the process of creating an on-line ordering
system for our website. This service will be available in the near future. To order
of our DVDs or MP4s we ask you to contact us directly by phone, or send us an
e-mail and we will get back with you promptly.

If you have any questions about our Multimedia Entertaiment System
please contact us by E-mail or phone.

Our office hours are M - F 8 am - 6 pm
Weekends 9:00 am - 1:00 pm



Sights and sounds of nature and adventure from the world around us in High Definition H.264-1080p 16:9 MP4 format by talented worldwide photographers and videographers

Audio/visual storytelling videos created with still photography, video, narration and text. Set to relaxing ambient custom music by our outstanding composers/musicians.

Invite friends, guests or clients to escape into a serene, relaxing, stress free environment. Entertain them with our creative audio/visual Multimedia Video Productions...content for entertaiment.


  • Stand-alone plug and play unit. No Internet required!
  • Select a single video to view, or select multiple videos from the screen playlist.
    System plays continuous 24/7 if desired.
  • Build a custom library of entertaining video productions. Select, purchase and download new videos from our online library. Choose full length videos (20-60 minutes), or short story videos (5-15 minutes) and add them to our custom 128 GB flash drive!
  • Add your own custom videos files (.MP4/.AVI/.MOV) to our flash drive!
  • System connects to any HDTV w/HDMI connector (HDTV shown not included)
  • Multimedia Video Productions produced in high definition H.264-1080p 16:9 widescreen MP4 format by talented photographers, videographers.
  • Online system support via email or phone.

Entertainment System I - $195.00
Includes 2 Video Productions of your choice
from our Multimedia Video Library

Entertainment System II - $255.00
Includes 4 Video Productions of your choice
from our Multimedia Video Library

ImageEssence Multimedia

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